New! Susie Starfish Child's Interactive Book

Susie Starfish finds her happy day turned upside down when she accidently falls asleep on a rock at the rock-pool, and is then taken away by a little boy whom wants her for his pet. Will Susie ever get home again? Will she get to play hide and seek again with her friends or ever see her cool best friend Gully?. This book-app is available on iPhone, iPad and Blackberry Playbook devices. Read more


Original Storyline

Original and fun storyline to follow, with original artwork and characters.

Interactive Scenes

Interact with characters and scenes through touch and tilt controls, and listen to them play.

Bonus Game

Susie loves music and you can too with our interactive music scene!


Coming soon...we promise!

Purchase Susie Starfish

Susie Starfish is now available on the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and BlackBerry Playbook! Keep in touch via @susie_starfish for more updates!

iPhone and iPad Devices

Blackberry Playbook Device


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